Walking without a cane.

     Walking without a walker.

          Walking without help...

                 Walking independently!

People from all over the United States and countries around the world have come to Dr. Vrej Manoogian for total knee and hip replacement.  He designed  “The Living Hip”, a unique hip prosthesis which is unmatched in it’s abilty to imitate the natural functions of the hip joint. The direct anterior approach, combined with “The Living Hip” prosthesis has provided a revolutionary treatment for patients with hip arthritis. Since opening his Mount Dora (near Orlando, Florida) based practice in 2001, Dr. Manoogian has specialized in total joint replacement and spine surgery.

Dr. Manoogian invented  “The Living Hip” prosthesis, a total hip replacement system that closely duplicates the natural design of the hip joint.  Read more

Utilization of “the living hip” prosthesis with the direct anterior approach, (operating between the muscles and tendons) affords patients with excellent long-term results with quick recovery times. Read more